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The Foodii Squeeze Snack Filling and Feeding System allows you to fill Kiinde Twist Pouches or Foodii Pouches with pureed food, for mess-free meals on the go!

This Foodii Squeeze Snack Starter Kit contains:

Foodii Squeeze Snack Pouches  
Foodii Filler   squeezable filler for mess-free filling of Twist Pouches with pureed food. Includes cap.
Snack Spouts   with leak-proof caps, for mess-free self-feeding, directly from Twist Pouches
Squeeze Spoon   with leak-proof cap, for mess-free feeding, directly from Twist Pouches

Puree your own healthy baby meals using your blender, pour into the wide-mouthed Foodii Filler, then squeeze the Filler to fill Twist Pouches or Foodii Pouches with healthy, nutritous snacks, mess-free!

Multiple feeding options are available for feeding directly from the pouches - ergonomically designed Snack Spouts, or soft silicone Squeeze Spoons. Both are designed to promote mess-free self-feeding, and have leak-proof caps. The Squeeze Snack Filler is simple, compact, and easy to clean. It has no moving parts, and is about as large as a large drinking glass. The Filler can be used to store pureed food in your fridge, too!

All components of the Foodii and Twist feeding systems are BPA, PVC, latex, and pthalate-free. Squeeze Snacks help to eliminate messes and dirty dishes - pouches can be discarded (recycled!) after use. Snack Spouts and Squeeze Spoons can be re-used for future feedings, and are dishwasher, steam, and microwave safe.

You can now use Kiinde Twist Pouches for ALL of your feeding needs - breastmilk, formula, or pureed food! Kiinde Foodii Squeeze Snack Pouches and breastmilk storage Twist Pouches are completely inter-compatible. Either type of pouch can be connected to breast pumps, Active Latch Nipples, Snack Spouts, and Squeeze Spoons. You can stock up on Kiinde Twist Pouches, knowing that they can be used for all of your little ones, at any infant or toddler feeding stage! Check out the Kiinde Twist Breastmilk collection, storage, and feeding system for details on direct-pumping and feeding breastmilk from Twist Pouches.

Instruction Manual
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Frequently Asked Questions
Are Twist Pouches (for breastmilk) and Foodii Pouches (for pureed food) the same?
Can I use them interchangeably?

YES! Twist and Foodii Pouches are packaged differently, and are sold in different locations, but the pouches are exactly the same! Twist Pouches and Foodii Pouches can be used to store breast milk, formula, or pureed food. All of our pouches can be attached to breast pumps, Active Latch nipples, Snack Spouts, and Squeeze Spoons. Our formula funnel is also snap-fit compatible with ALL of our pouches. This means that, if you have multiple little ones at different feeding stages (for example, one infant and one toddler), you can stock up on Twist Pouches or Foodii Pouches, and use them for all of your feeding needs for all of your children.

What are the care and cleaning instructions for the Foodii System components?

All Foodii items (except pouches, which are single-use only) are dishwasher safe (top rack only), or they can be hand washed in warm soapy water.

How accurate are the ounce and mL measurements on the Twist Pouches,
and how do I read them?

The volume measurements on the Twist Pouches are very accurate (within approximately 5%) when they are read correctly. These graduations are meant to be read when the pouches are fully expanded. To expand the pouches, pull the front and back panels apart near the base of the pouch. This will open the bottom panel. Pushing up on the bottom panel with your finger can help fully expand the pouch. It is easiest to expand the pouch once there is milk inside.

Are Snack Spouts and Squeeze Spoons re-usable?

Yes! Snack Spouts and Squeeze Spoons are meant to be re-used, and they (and their caps) are dishwasher safe (top rack).

What materials are Foodii products made of?

Here is a complete material list for Foodii products. Twist Pouches (LDPE #4, HDPE #2, PET #1); Snack Spouts (Polypropyline #5); Snack Spout caps (HDPE #2); Squeeze Spoons (Silicone); Squeeze Spoon caps (Polypropylene #5); Formula funnel (Polypropylene #5); Foodii Filler (LDPE #4); Foodii Filler spout (Polypropylene #5); Foodii Filler cap (LDPE #4). All Twist and Foodii products are BPA-free, PVC-free, and pthalate-free. All plastic items (excluding silicone items) are recyclable.

How hard do I need to push the Squeeze Spoons into the Twist Pouches?

It only takes a couple of pounds of force to pop the Active Latch nipples into the pouches. Make sure the bottle (with pouch) is on a flat, sturdy surface when pushing the nipple into place. Be sure to push using the nipple case top if you want to avoid touching the nipple tip directly. There are 2 ways that you will know the nipple is in far enough: 1) There will be an audible “pop” sound as the nipple pops into place. You will hear it and you will feel it. And 2) When you look around the base of the nipple (after it is popped into place), you should see the outer edges of the nipple just barely touching the top of the bottle all the way around the top outer edge of the bottle.

What's the easiest and cleanest way to remove the Squeeze Spoons from Twist Pouches?

You can gently remove the Squeeze Spoons from the pouch simply by grabbing the flange of the spoon near the base and slowly prying it away from the bottle. This will prevent the spoon from suddenly releasing from the pouch.